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We are comparing two of the leading midrange e-scooters on the market: the Xiaomi Pro 2 vs. Riley RS2 – which one should you spend your money on? 

There are a number of shared qualities from their sleek design, sturdy quality and high speed – you cannot go wrong with either purchases, but which one has the edge?


Xiaomi – one of Pure Electric’s newer electric scooters, based on one their most popular scooters the M365 Pro, but with a larger construction that does not compromise on its light design and unique energy recovery system.  

Riley – A newer scooter to the market with impressive features, highly competitive with established e-brands. Unique in its removable battery feature and ability to withstand harsh road conditions, such as potholes and steep curbs.

Riley Scooters RS1 (Front) & RS2 (Back) Models

Xiaomi Pro 2 – Pros 

  • The Pro 2 is less expensive – typically retailed for £50 less than the Riley.
  • Longer warranty period – 2-year warranty vs the Riley which offers a one-year warranty on the body of the scooter, and 6-month battery warranty. 
  • Lighter net weight – at 14.2kg, meaning it is easy to transport and carry.
Xiaomi Pro 2

Riley RS2 – Pros 

  • Greater range – although Riley has a shorter battery life the range is an impressive 28 miles. 
  • Riley has a 19”, 3.3kg removable battery – extending the range in your pocket. It gives you the freedom to charge the scooter from any plug point, giving you more control over your journeys. 
  • Higher-level and larger pneumatic tires – less prone to punctures and provide a smoother journey going over road impairments.
  • Smaller dimensions – making it easy to combine with any other mode of transport and store.
  • Shorter battery charging time – at only 5 hours vs. 8.5 hours for the Pro 2, meaning you can charge your scooter much quicker.

Verdict: Edge goes to the Riley Scooter

Although £50 more expensive, the Riley scooter provides a greater sense of reliability in its sleek compact design, removable battery and impressive range. With shorter battery charging time, the Riley RS2 offers better acceleration through greater motor power, and improved pneumatic tires. 

The battery can be easily removed in under 10 seconds and charged at any plug point – offering extended range in your pocket, and reliable scooter longevity. It can also be stored anywhere whilst the battery is charging, making it convenient to charge at any point throughout the day. 

With its smaller frame, it is able to be stored in small spaces from a car boot to underneath a desk, as well as easily carried onto other modes of transport. 

Overall, the Riley RS2 is the more reliable midrange electric scooter through its convenient innovative design and functions. 

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