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With the rise in popularity of micro-mobility, the electric scooter is by far the most sleek and stylish way to travel. We have assembled the best scooters on the market, including Riley, Xiaomi and others!

There are a number of electric scooters on the market that offer practicality and efficiency in their compact designs. Scooters are perfect for combining with other modes of transport as a ‘last-mile solution’, or as a speedy, eco-friendly mode of transport alone. 

Electric scooters have dramatically progressed in recent years, from their tech to their body designs, reflected in an array of fantastic options on the market today. Electric scooters are growing in their popularity and may be that new exciting mode of transport you have been looking for.

We have analysed and rated the best electric scooters currently available to buy so you don’t have to. Whilst they may look similar, there are definitely noticeable differences that will determine which scooter is perfect for you. Electric scooters must not be mistaken for any ordinary scooter. They are a lot faster, heavier and more complex. Our guide includes the Riley Scooters RS2 – one of the best on the market, with its removable battery pack, impressive range and multiple speed modes. It is a brilliant, top-tier scooter, offering only the very best at an affordable mid-range price. 

How to choose your electric scooter 

When choosing your electric scooter, it is imperative to choose the one most suited to your needs and budget. Safety in its design and manufacturing should be the main concern, but there is a multitude of other factors to take into consideration.

Some scooters have a significantly better range than others, meaning that your choice should depend on whether you want to travel long-distance or easily hop on and off. If you live in an urban landscape, you are most likely going to prioritize other factors over range; such as speed, compact design, or battery charging time. It is ultimately a decision between putting your money into longer battery life and greater range or a lighter, more compact scooter, however, we have found a perfect balance in one – the Riley RS1. 

It is widely assumed that the fastest electric scooter must simply be the best, however, this is not necessarily the case. The maximum speed limit for travel on an electric scooter in the UK is 24km/h. Whilst many scooters offer higher speeds, it is arguably not worth purchasing one for its high speed, as you can not legally go any faster and it poses a safety risk. 

Since safety is the number one concern, braking efficiency and wheel design should be one of your priorities when choosing your electric scooter. It is highly recommended to purchase a scooter with 10-inch pneumatic tyres and suspension, to allow for a smoother ride and to protect you against any poor road conditions. 

In terms of the body, you want to be looking for something lightweight. Typically the lighter scooters are made from materials such as aluminium and carbon fiber, making them easier to transport and carry. The best weight for a transportable electric ccooter is around 14-15kg.

Price is obviously an important factor. Scooters can range from around £250 to 4 figures. Opting for the cheapest model isn’t going to be the best choice for a number of reasons. We would recommend going for a mid-range scooter to ensure durability and good quality safety features. A reasonable price range is between £400 and £750 for a reliable, good quality electric scooter. 

The top 10 electric scooters you can buy now!

1. Riley Scooters RS1 – the best all-rounder

Specifications Best for: Performance and price.
Max speed: 25km/h
Range: 25km
Reasons to buy– Great price
– Wheel design means a safe and smooth journey (10 inch pneumatic air tyre – with inner tube.)
– Sleek body
– Unique removable battery
– 3 drive modes 
Reasons not to buy – Only water resistant, not waterproof
– Range not as good as the RS2 model by Riley. 

We have concluded that the Riley RS1 is the best ‘all-rounder’ in terms of balancing performance with a reasonable price. Its has a strong build-quality, key safety features and a unique removable battery making it the most convenient scooter to charge. 

Another major benefit of the RS1 is the big 10-inch pneumatic wheels that are able to withstand large bumps and poor road conditions much better than some of its competitors with smaller wheels, providing a safer and smoother journey. 

The RS1 is not the most luxurious scooter on the market, but it is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable mid-range and reliable electric scooter.

2. Pure Air – a cheaper water resistant option

Specifications Best for: Price and range.
Max speed: 25km/h
Range: 30km
Reasons to buy– Great price
– Water-resistant design
– Wheel design (10 inch air-filled tyres)
Reasons not to buy – Heavier than competitors
– Clunky design 
– Cheap digital display

We think the Pure Air deserves second place due to what it offers at such a low price point. It has good build quality and is easy maintenance, making it a reliable option. 

Its highlight is most definitely its guaranteed IP65 water resistance, which is suitable for British weather year-round. 

Another benefit is its large 10 inch, air-filled wheels that mean they are also able to cope with poor road conditions and provide a smooth journey. 

Unlike some of its competitors, it does not have the sleekest design. It can be difficult to store and transport, It is also heavier and does not have the folding mechanism that many of its competitors have. 

The Pure Air is not the ‘ultimate’ electric scooter, but is a safe and budget-friendly option. 

3. Xiaomi MI 1S – popular and advanced battery

Specifications Best for: Affordability and battery life.
Max speed: 25km/h
Range: 30km
Reasons to buy– Very popular brand
– Advanced battery saving features
– Compact folding design
– Partnered App
Reasons not to buy – Not the most aesthetic design
– 8.5-inch wheels
– Reports of tyres prone to punctures

This electric scooter stands out with its partnered app which tracks your journeys, how fast you have traveled, and the battery life. Its advanced battery saving features, powered by the brakes, also means that you may potentially gain an extra mile or two if you use it efficiently. 

We have found the Xiaomi Mi 1S to be incredibly simple to use. However, its smaller wheels mean that it is less likely to be able to cope with larger bumps than competitors, therefore comfort may be compromised and potentially safety. 

Xiaomi also has a more premium model, called the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2. However, we deem the Mi 1S to be better value for money. 

4. Riley Scooters RS2 – luxurious and unique

Specifications Best for: Affordability and battery life.
Max speed: 25km/h
Range: 25km
Reasons to buy– High range on 1 battery charge (45km)
– Removable battery unique to Riley
– 10 inch pneumatic air tyres – with inner tube
– 3 drive modes
– Sleek aesthetic
Reasons not to buy – Higher price point
– Only water resistant, not waterproof

If you are looking for a more luxurious option, the Riley RS2 model is for you. Compared to the RS1, the RS2 offers much better range and a sleeker aesthetic design in ‘Brilliant Black.’ Its 350W motor helps it achieve speed and tackles hills with ease, making it a fun and speedy option. 

Similar to the RS1, the RS2 offers a removable battery. Unique to Riley, this offers a much more convenient and reliable way of transport as it can be charged at any plug-point without having to carry the body. 

Essentially, the RS2 is the ‘big brother’ of the RS1 model, offering more luxurious features and an aesthetically pleasing design at this higher price point. 

5. Ninebot Segway E25E – well-presented and simple 

Specifications Best for: Reliable brand.
Max speed: 25km/h
Range: 25km
Reasons to buy– Reliable band
– Compatible App
– Ambient lighting
Reasons not to buy – Can be difficult to fold
– Comfort compromised

Segway is renowned for being a reliable mobility brand, making this scooter appealing. It is a great all-round feature-packed electric scooter, with a smartphone app that lets you analyze and track all aspects of your journeys, from your speed to your vehicle health. 

Overall the E25E is well presented, with a one-push folding design and dual-density wheels to absorb bumps when riding. It is a reasonable mid-range option. However in our opinion, you can get more for your money from other competitors. You may be paying for the branding rather than the features it has to offer. 

6. Pure Air Pro – impressive range and strong performance

Specifications Best for: Range, performance, and mid-range price.
Max speed: 25km/h
Range: 36km
Reasons to buy– Impressive range
– Water resistance
– Strong performance
– Large maximum load 
Reasons not to buy – Heavy
– No cruise control

Overall, the Pure Air Pro is very impressive for its mid-range price-point. It is top of the range from Pure, with their most powerful motor. 

Its sturdy design means that it is comfortable and safe to ride. Similar to Pure Air, its major selling point is its IP65 water resistance which makes it perfect for British weather. It is quite a lot heavier than its rivals, which can make it more tricky to transport. It is possibly a better scooter for long-distance, rather than for the ‘extra-mile’ in combination with other transport methods.

7. Razor Power A2 – lightweight and extremely budget-friendly

Specifications Best for: Low price and lightweight. 
Max speed: 16km/h
Range: 12km
Reasons to buy– Lightweight
– Budget-friendly
– Reliable brand
– Compact design
Reasons not to buy – Low speed
– Low range
– Low load capacity

The Razor Power A2 is one of the more affordable electric scooters on the market. It is extremely lightweight and easy to transport. 

Unfortunately, its lower price point is reflected in its speed and range, which is considerably lower than its competitors. This scooter is perfect for those who want to try out using an electric scooter before making the investment into a more mid-range, durable one. 

8. Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 – popular and impressive 

Specifications Best for: Top-of-the-range for Xiaomi.
Max speed: 25km/h
Range: 45km
Reasons to buy– Reliable band
– Long range
– Advanced battery saving features
Reasons not to buy – Not the most aesthetic design
– Small wheels – compromises comfort

This is the updated model from the previous Xioami listed, and is possibly the most popular. 

It has an extremely impressive range and a powerful 600W motor, however, this could be deemed unnecessary due to legal restrictions. This model also has improved lights and a compatible app. The smaller 8.5 inch wheels mean that comfort and safety are compromised, as it will not be able to withstand bumps and uneven road surfaces like competitors with larger wheels. 

9. AER 557 – the most luxurious you can buy 

Specifications Best for: Cream of the crop.
Max speed: 43km/h
Range: 32km
Reasons to buy– High speed
– High range
– Comfortable
– 20-inch tyres
– Compatible app
Reasons not to buy – Heavy body
– Large body
– High price-point

This electric scooter is a one of a kind. The AER 557 can not be listed as one of our top choices as its high price-point is not acceptable to most. 

However, it has an extremely impressive and luxurious aesthetic, and is designed to provide the very best stability. Its large 20-inch wheels mean that it can glide gracefully over large bumps and makes riding very safe and comfortable. 

Its high speed, range, and comfort mean that this scooter is perfect for long-distance. 

It is not lightweight or compact, therefore not making it the best choice for city commuting. 

10. Unagi Model One E500 – sleek and stylish 

Specifications Best for: Style.
Max speed: 24km/h
Range: 24.95km
Reasons to buy– Feature packed
– Lightweight
– Ambient lighting
– Stylish design
Reasons not to buy – Shorter range than competitors
– Higher price point

The Unagi Model One E500 is built from strong, yet lightweight materials making this scooter reliable and portable. This scooter also stands out with its chic design and array of colours.  

Its power comes from its dual motors, meaning that it would never struggle going uphill or on uneven terrain. However, it has a very average range and speed, making the higher price-point questionable.

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