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We are comparing two competitive affordable electric scooters on the market – the Pure Air Electric Scooter vs the Riley RS1. Although they have some similar qualities, they have some noticeable differences that pushes one into the lead. 

Pure Air Electric – One of the most affordable scooters on the market, Pure Air is built for wet British weather, with impressive range and pre-inserted puncture prevention fluid into the tyres for wheel protection.

Riley RS1 – A newer, speedy, and affordable scooter, developed to a high standard. Unique in its removable battery feature and sturdy high-level pneumatic tires, means that the wheels are less prone to punctures and provide a smooth journey, even on bad road conditions.

Riley Scooters RS1 Handle Bars

Pure Air Electric Scooter – Pros 

  • Cheaper – retailing at £399, the Pure Air is £100 cheaper than the RS1. 
  • Greater range – you get 5km more range than the RS1 
  • More waterproof – ready for typical British and European weather conditions.
  • Pre-inserted puncture prevention fluid – reducing the risk of punctured wheels on your journeys.

Riley RS1– Pros 

  • Lighter – meaning that it is easily carried when not being used.
  • Shorter charging time – 2 hours vs. 5.5 hours, the charging time is significantly shorter, meaning you can charge your scooter very quickly.
  • Riley has a 19”, 3.3kg removable battery – extending the range in your pocket. It gives you the freedom to charge the scooter from any plug point, giving you more control over your journeys. 
  • Higher-level pneumatic tires – less prone to punctures and provides a smoother journey going over road impairments.
  • Smaller dimensions – making it easy to combine with any other mode of transport and store.
  • Quicker acceleration – at an impressive 350W, the RS1 has 100 more watt power than the Pure Air.

Verdict: Edge goes to the Riley Scooter RS1 

‘Overall speedier in every way’

If you are willing to spend the extra £100, the additional features make the Riley RS1 worthwhile. With a significantly quicker charging time, not to mention the removable battery feature, the Riley scooter is substantially more convenient to charge. Its acceleration is also considerably quicker, with 100 more motor watt power than the Pure Air. 

The journey is ensured to be a smooth one with its upgraded pneumatic tires, that prevent punctures and glide over bumps that you might come across in both the city and rural environments.

The more compact and lighter design also means that that the RS1 is easily carried or used in combination with other modes of transport, making your journey more seamless. 

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