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In recent years electric vehicles have become more high-powered and cost effective as practical alternatives to more traditional modes of transport, not to mention more fun and more eco-friendly! Whilst previous comparison pieces have blatantly seemed to favour e-bikes in all areas of differentiation, I’m here to challenge that, as they have various contrasting features making them suitable for different people. So, which one is for you?


Both options are evidently more cost effective than traditional transport methods, with no need for stopping by the petrol station or paying per ride. So, in the long term, both options are certainly cost effective in terms in their singular upfront payment. 

Nevertheless, e-scooters are most definitely the most budget-friendly option out of the two. With a vast range of e-scooters out there, ranging from £400 upwards, it is not difficult to find one within your budget. However, it is tremendously difficult to find an e-bike below 4 figures, with the highest rated value for money e-bike being the Aventon Pace 350 at £1,099.

Averton Pace 350 retails for £1,099


Both can technically be transported and carried anywhere. However, carrying a 40-50lbs bike is by no means fun. E-scooters are overall lighter and smaller in their design than the average electric bike, due to their durable body made of typically aluminium or stainless steel, meaning they can easily be stored or even combined with other modes of transport for a seamless journey.  Therefore, e-scooters are certainly more appropriate for the city lifestyle. 


E-bikes are often deemed the safer of the two, due to stability provided through their large frame and wheels, meaning they can handle both wet roads and potholes well. However, e-scooters have progressed in their wheel designs to deal with such issues just as well. Not to mention, e-scooters have a sense of agility, meaning that it is easier to weave through city traffic and hop off in case of an emergency. However, both e-bikes and e-scooters can now provide a safe, smooth journey – with reduced risks of accidents due to road impairments. 

Therefore, whilst e-scooters perform best in a city environment, there is not an overall noticeable differentiation in their safety.


E-bikes are regulated a lot more strictly than e-scooters in terms of speed and are deemed a ‘moped’ if going above 45kph, meaning that you will need a licence. It is much easier to find an e-scooter that goes above the e-bike limit, without the need for a licence (yet). 


E-bikes certainly provide better range than similarly priced scooters, as they ask you to do part of the work. Therefore, it is still fully functional when the power runs out, unlike scooters, meaning that they are reliable and perfect for travelling greater distances. 

However, this is not typically a major concern for city commuters. Developments in designs mean that selected e-scooters have a detachable battery that can be charged at any plug point. 

Our Recommendations

The joy of biking, minus the sweat. A battery-powered bike lets you enjoy all the benefits of biking, without the hard work. 

2020 has been a unique year to say the least. The transport industry has shifted accordingly and made more room for micro-mobility options – this is where the ebike shines.

Unlike a regular bike, you do not need to be physically fit to ride an e-bike. However, you still reap all the benefits associated with biking; like getting outside, reducing your carbon footprint, avoiding congestion, and arguably most importantly it’s fun! We have trialed and tested the very best e-bikes on the market. Whether you are doing short city commutes or long distance, we have listed the best e-bikes for you. 

1. Specialised Turbo Vado SL Equipped – small yet powerful 

Specifications Weight: 33 lbs
Battery: 350Wh
Range: 120 miles 
Motor: 240W
Speed: 28mph 
Why to buy– Small frame
– Powerful 
– Flat handlebars 
– Smart Control system 
Price $4,500 

We are kicking off with the king of short AND long commutes: the ‘Specialized Turbo Vado SL Equipped.’ It is one-of-a-kind with high ride quality, range and impressive power. Its lightweight makes it easy to transport and combine with other methods of transport. This bike should be your go-to for local transportation. 

The specialized Smart Control system means you do not have to adjust assistance whilst you are riding or worry about running out of battery before the end of your journey. The quality design of the wheels, with a hidden shock absorber, means that you are protected from any harsh road conditions. 

2. Propella 7-Speed (V4) – The best on a budget 

Specifications Weight: 37 lbs
Battery: 250 Wh
Range: 24-40 miles 
Motor: 240W
Speed: 18 mph 
Why to buy– Affordable
– Reliable motor
– Reliable frame
– Trustworthy components from popular brands 
– Pretty light 
Price $1,199

Unless you are a bike enthusiast, it is unlike that you are going to be wanting to spend thousands on an ebike. The Propella 7-speed is the best out there closer to the $1000 mark, without compromising on reliability. 

The Propella also includes some pretty trustworthy components from popular brands. The battery is manufactured by Samsung and disk brakes by Shimano. As ebikes go, the Propella is also pretty light, making it ideal for transporting or carrying. 

3. Rad Power Bikes RadRunner – a balanced of affordability and efficiency

Specifications Weight: 65 lbs
Battery: 672 Wh
Range: 45 miles
Motor: 750W
Speed: 28mph 
Why to buy– Very powerful
– Customisable
– Pedal assistance
– Strong frame 
Price $1,299 

This bike is definitely up there as one of the more popular ones on the market. It is certainly a fair price, with a range of quality features. It is completely customisable, with a multiplicity of accessories available to buy to make the bike exactly what you are looking for. 

The ‘Rad Power’ speaks for itself. It is intensely powerful with its impressive 750W motor. Consequently, it is also extremely heavy, not making it the best option for carrying. It is the perfect bike for longer distances, particularly with its assisted pedalling feature, or just for some fun! 

4. Specialised Men’ Turbo Levo Comp – For fun 

Specifications Weight: 38.3 lbs
Battery: 500Wh
Range: 120 miles 
Motor: 250W
Speed: 20mph 
Why to buy– Lightweight
– Smart Control system
– Smooth ride
– Powerful
Price $5,950 

I had to throw one in there that is just incredibly fun. This is the electric bike to get if you are a mountain biking enthusiast or are going to be riding on rough terrain. 

The frame is designed for efficiency, being smaller and lighter than its predecessors. Its powerful motor also means that it will not struggle going uphill and can hit high speed with ease. 

5. Gocycle GX – The best folding ebike

Specifications Weight: 38.5 lbs
Battery: 300Wh
Range: 40 miles
Motor: 250W
Speed: 20mph 
Why to buy– Foldable
– Lightweight
– Decent range
– Partnered App
– Easy to maintain
Price $5,950 

If you are wanting an ebike for ‘the last mile’ in conjunction with other modes of transport, then you might want to consider a folding bike. 

The sleek aluminium frame is fast folding and lightweight, making it easy to carry. It can also be stored using the kickstand extended. The partnered app ‘Gocycle’ makes this ebike an easy one to maintain, as it keeps tabs on the tyre pressure and more. 

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